Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is actually a skill game to play as a swinging stickman by means of countless challenging levels. This fun, colourful stickman game gives over 100 challenging levels. Unlock along the particular way to change things up while a person swing. Pay attention to the angle and direction associated with your swing to be able to to the finish line! Can a person control your move?
Many other stickman games have been created due in order to the genre's acceptance. E. g. Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle and Stickman Military: Team Battle.
The amount of levels are there in Stickman Catch?

You will discover 100 ranges to learn in Stickman Hook online.
Who else developed Stickman Hook?
Stickman Hook will be created by Madbox, a game growth company based within France.

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